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Livedesk Go
Livedesk Lite
  • Communicate via chat with your page visitors
  • Better service by placing orders
  • Unlimited number of chats
  • Ability to use predetermined questions and answers
  • Add your own logo and company colors
  • 100% web based
  • Live in 10 minutes

Ideal for low usage, assisting visitors and reducing the numbers of dropouts in the order process with Live webchat.

Livedesk Pro
Livedesk Pro
  • Proactive communication via Live Webchat
  • Increase online conversion
  • Proactively invite web visitors for a chat conversation
  • Also suited for call centres with multiple departments and second line
  • Advanced co-browsing capabilities including browsing,surfing together, filling in forms and discussing texts
  • 100% web based
  • Live in 10 minutes

Live Webchat is ideal for your call centre; your online conversion will increase extremely and Livedesk Pro makes it possible to approach your website visitors through Live Webchat.

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Livedesk Consult
Livedesk Consult
  • Live online advice with webchat
  • Personal advice with motion, sound and chat
  • Use the shared drawing frame
  • Recognize visitors and invite them for a follow up chat conversation
  • With departments and back-up line for second calls
  • Communicate with text, motion and voice
  • 100% web based
  • Live in 10 minutes

Especially for giving online advice with live webchat, webcam and voice. Livedesk Consult can be now incorporated into your call center.

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Hostway B.V.
We are very positive about Livedesk. The implementation was very easy, within 10... Read more


How to place an order?
step 1: Choose a license
step 2: Contact information
step 3: Choose method of payment and complete order

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